Emu Meat: Recipes

A Wholesome Combination

A Wholesome Combination Oatmeal and emu combine to make healthier, but still flavorful dishes. San Angelo, TX - Making healthy food choices is important, especially for people under the care of a physician. When family members equate healthy...

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Heart Healthy Never Tasted So Good!

It may seem odd to hear of a red meat being touted as a health food; but the emu industry is doing exactly that, and with good cause. "Many consumers have been instructed to give up red meat because of cholesterol, but since emu is low in...

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Nutrient Rich Soup Chases Winter Chill

Frost on the windshield, leaves crunching underfoot, that nip in the air that sends you inside with flushed cheeks, it all adds up to soup weather. Soup comes in single servings or family size containers. You can get it with pop-top lids, in...

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Emu Recipe Bookmarks

Five recipies are printed on one side of the bookmarks with the related nutritional information on the reverse side. The include receipies are: Sweet 'N Sour Emu Meatballs Emu Flank Steak with Gorgonzola and Walnut Stuffing Apple Stuffed Emu Flank Steak...

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