2013 Emu Egg Art Contest Announced

As a way of promoting emu egg shell art, the American Emu Association (AEA) will be hosting the “2013 EGGS’travaganza Egg Art Contest”. Winners will be chosen and all entries will be displayed in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, on Friday, July 12th, during the 2013 National AEA Convention .

Egg artists are reminded that all types of emu egg artwork are welcome to enter. These large, dark green eggs with layers of blue, gray, turquoise and white, lend themselves to the creation of beautiful art work. The eggs are first emptied, washed and sanitized. When dried, the egg shells can be painted, hung like Christmas ornaments, made into jewelry boxes, music boxes or luxuriously decorated like the famous Faberge eggs.

The strength and thickness of an emu egg shell makes it a durable canvas for all types of painting from egg critters to beautiful landscapes. Both acrylic and oil paints can be used successfully to create amazing art.
Many artists carve emu eggs because of the different color layers. The dark green outer covering varies from hunter green to almost black, the middle color is a teal green to blue and the inside is a bright white. The teal and blue are actually as many as seven subtle layers of color, each about the thickness of a sheet of paper. These different layers of color can be utilized to add texture and depth to artwork. The texture, contrast and natural colors of the shell make even a simple design dramatic. Many interesting items, including nightlights, can be made from a lacework cut eggshell.
Artists are reminded that every piece of artwork must incorporate the use of an emu egg shell.

Egg artists from across the United States and around the world will be donating their emu egg artwork to help promote the emu industry. In exchange for their donation, their artwork will be showcased through national display, both online and at the convention. The 2013 contest entries will be showcased on the contest website through at least June 1st of the following year, giving excellent exposure and promotion for the artists. Artists will compete for cash prizes that will be awarded for the top 3 entries with the highest bids. A Silent Auction with live bidders and online bidding will be used to determine the winners.

All submitted emu egg art will be on display for public viewing online at the contest website and in person on July 12, 2013 at the Quality Inn &Suites Conference Center, 880 Kidder St., Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

For more information about the “2013 EGGS’travaganza Egg Art Contest”, visit www.AEAEggArtContest.com or call 970-493-9262.

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