Consumer Alert!! Illegal Emu Oil In The Philippines

Consumer Alerts posted on this site are due to violations with regard to the American Emu Associations (AEA) policies for use of their trademarked properties. Companies or individuals listed here have been given notice of the violation and the policies for compliance. They have been given reasonable time to comply, and they have been notified that they will be listed on this page if they are not in compliance by a certain deadline. Those in violation who notify the AEA that changes have been made and are verified to be compliant will be removed from this Consumer Alert page.

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Emu Oil has become a good selling product in the Philippines and in many parts of the world. With the demand of emu oil growing, so is the illegal and improper use of the AEA Certified Fully Refined® seal on packaging and in advertising.

In the Philippines you can find several companies and several different brands claiming to have AEA Certified Fully Refined® Emu Oil. CONSUMER’S BEWARE of these false claims.

What Consumers in the Philippines and all over the world must know:

  • Many companies want to sell AEA Certified Fully Refine® emu oil because of value and consumer confidence.
  • The fact is that many companies will illegally use the Trademark so they can get more money for their emu oil.
    At this time there are no companies in the Philippines authorized to use the AEA Certified Fully Refined® trademarked seal or the corresponding verbiage on their emu oil.
  • There is NO AEA Certified Fully Refined® Australian emu oil. This is misleading information that is used to confuse customers about what they are buying.

The American Emu Association registers each batch of refined emu oil that meets the standards of quality established in the AEA Certified Emu Oil Program. This guarantees quality and assures the customer that they are buying pure emu oil, not a blend of emu oil mixed with another oil. AEA Certified Fully Refined® Emu Oil is recognized worldwide as the standard for quality emu oil.

The AEA Certified Emu Oil Program was developed to establish quality control measures that will ensure pure emu oil legitimately displaying the AEA Certified Fully Refined® seal, or being marketed using the corresponding verbiage, is a high quality product that meets or exceeds the industry recognized standards for Fully Refined Grade A Emu Oil.

The AEA Certified Fully Refined® seal and verbiage are registered trademarks of the American Emu Association (AEA) and can only be used by AEA members with board approval. Unauthorized use will be considered trademark infringement. Unauthorized users will be listed on the AEA Consumer Alert Page and dealt with accordingly.

I. Michael Eppley
American Emu Association

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