Are you curious about emu? Check out Emu Talk—a virtual series of 1 hour sessions presented by Cornell Cooperative Extension, Ulster County, New York, and Kymara Lonergan of the American Emu Association.

Video Play List (click on link below to go to videos)


Emu Talk –Caring for Emus

Maria Minnaar, Kymara Lonergan. Maria Minnaar is the author of the “Emu Farmers Handbook” vol I&II.

Emu Talk –Emu 101

Chris Barth and Kymara Lonergan give an introduction to raising emus.

Emu Talk –Emu Eggs & Chicks

Kymara Lonergan, Joylene Reavis and Janean Parker give tips on incubating eggs and hatching chicks.

Emu Talk –A 200-million-year-old Breath:

What living birds can tell us about how dinosaurs breathedAlexander Rubenstahl and Todd Green. A look at the connection between dinosaurs and birds (birds are the only dinosaurs alive today). Living birds possess a remarkable respiratory system and it seems that not only did dinosaurs breathe like birds, but they faced many of the same risks that come from the respiratory system of living birds.

Emu Talk –The American Emu Association Discusses Emu Products

Kymara Lonergan, Paul Binford, Joylene Reavis, SusanWright What is the American Emu Association (AEA) and what products can we make from emus? Meat? Oil? What is emu oil? How does emu oil get refined? What is AEA Certified Oil?