AEA Annual Membership

The American Emu Association has state and regional affiliates to support members on a local level. Your AEA membership will also give you membership in your state affiliate. If you do not have a state affiliate you will be deemed a member at large. Your AEA and Affiliate membership year is effective on the date of receipt of your application and runs until the end of that month the following year. All fees are quoted in US Dollars. The AEA reserves the right to approve or refuse membership in the Association. Questions?

The American Emu Association is a national, member driven community dedicated to developing structural support and visionary leadership for the emu industry through actions that develop public awareness of emu products and develop means to advance the growing emu industry.

Accordingly, the Association expects each member to abide by the following AEA Code of Conduct:

  1. To be familiar with the purpose and objectives of the Association and to promote its aim actively.
  2. To present conduct that in all times reflects dignity and respect for the Association and other members.
  3. To keep inviolate any confidence that may be entrusted to said member.
  4. To refuse participation in questionable enterprises and to refuse to engage in any business that is contrary to law or public welfare.
  5. To guard against unwanted insinuations that reflect upon the character or integrity of others members, officers or staff of this Association.
  6. By submission of this application, I agree to abide by the above Code of Conduct.

You may apply or renew online using a credit card or paypal. If you are not comfortable using the online form, use the printable Application for AEA Membership – Print and mail with check or money order. Application Requires (free) Adobe Acrobat Reader to open.

Please Note: International Members are NOT eligible to be a Certified Business Member (CBM) or to be listed on the Breeders List. Other restrictions may also apply.

If you are a current member of AEA please sign-in to the website first so that your membership is correctly processed to your current account. Please do not renew more than one membership at a time.

Our Mission Statement: The American Emu Association is dedicated to developing structural support and visionary leadership for the emu industry.

What Has the AEA Done for the U.S. Emu Industry?

  1. The AEA is active in ag & legislative awareness, proposed legislation, appropriations, etc.)
  2. In 2008 the AEA received U.S. Postal Service (USPS) approval to ship day-old emu chicks.

    NOTE – New postal regulations and health regulations have been enacted since 2008.  Follow all requirements.  With the current delay in postal mailings, the AEA does “NOT” recommend the shipping of emu chicks through the US Postal Service.

  3. Continually seeks and funds research that benefits the emu industry.
  4. Creates radio and Social Media ads
  5. Developed emu meat TV commercials for member use.
  6. Utilizes various avenues for press releases.
  7. Continually creates and updates brochures, publications, newsletters, etc.
  8. Maintains member only email and Facebook lists.
  9. Maintains an American Oil Chemist Society (AOCS) presence.
  10. Holds an annual emu industry National Convention.
  11. Has developed a feed formulator CD to ensure a balanced feed that meets the emu’s nutritional needs.
  12. Business aids have been made available, such as, the “What’s an Emu?” CD presentation for schools or groups, “Marketing your Farm for N.E.W. and Beyond” CD, the “Pricing for Profits” CD, etc., plus various videos in the AEA website’s “MEMBERS AREA”.

New Membership, Select from:

  • AEA – US 1 year or 3 years
  • AEA – US Junior membership(less than 18 years old)
  • AEA – International membership(non voting member)