Choose the cities that you would like to consider for a convention.  Large cities with good airline coverage are the best choices.  Then, send the following letter to the tourism and convention bureaus in the cities you are considering.  Most Tourism Bureaus now have websites with Bid Request forms that you can fill-out online and they will forward to hotels in their area that fit your needs.

Following are the requirements that were used in asking for bids for the 2009 AEA Convention:


The American Emu Association (AEA) is looking for a bid for a small convention to be held in July of 2009.  The main convention will be July 15-19 with Board meetings on July 14, 15 & 16.  We will be looking at under 100 people attending at any one given time probably closer to 50-75 attendees).

Our main needs are:

  • available sleeping rooms (mon-8, tues-8, wed-15, thurs-35, fri-35, sat-35)
  • 1 main convention room
  • 4 small classrooms
  • board room
  • booth area
  • elevators to upper floor rooms
  • banquet facilities
  • access to restaurants
  • airport transportation

Thank you for your assistance.