Convention Chair

Contact Convention Bureau in convention city.  Negotiate arrangements with hotel for meeting rooms, booth areas, etc.  Help with convention budget, delegate duties, check on progress of other workers & is Master of Ceremonies of the convention..  Sends info at frequent intervals to:  e-mail lists, AEA newsletter, state newsletters, Emu Today and Tomorrow & local media press releases.

Hotel Liaison

Someone who lives in or near Convention City.  Makes sure meeting rooms are ready, Audio/Video equipment is there & working, etc. Finds shuttle service, accommodations, airline info, & area attractions

Registration/ Treasurer

Must be detail oriented (A lot of data to track and follow up). Sends/receives a lot of mail.  Makes name tags for attendees, handles registration forms and returns mail-outs with confirmation numbers.  Needs to have a computer to use at registration table or provide a detailed printout for registration.

Exhibit/Booth Coordinator

Handles all exhibitor booth details.  Exhibition hall should have public access.  Solicits exhibitors, makes name tags for exhibitors & different name tags for booth workers who did not pay for the seminar or the banquet.  Checks for booths are generally collected by coordinator & handed over to local treasurer.  AEA treasurer is notified if they wish to use credit card.  Possibly, make space available for absentee exhibitors (information only).

Decorations and Speakers Gifts

Make or purchase decorations for banquet room table centerpieces (& see they are in place) and find area appropriate speaker gifts.

Welcome Bags

Bags and contents are usually donated by emu associations, area businesses, ag agencies, convention/tourism bureau, Farm Bureau, etc.  Bags must be filled by Wednesday night and ready to hand to people as they register, starting Thursday morning.

Banquet Coordinator

Selects menu, teaches cook to prepare emu meat, solicit donations of emu meat, etc.

Welcome Night (including Entertainment)

Solicit donations to cover cost, comes up with menu, activities, or whatever is wanted for the welcome night.

Speaker Coordinator

You are responsible for most of the speakers and should have one or two locals to welcome/open and possibly a closing speaker.  Possibilities are; Secretary of Ag. Or someone from the Department of Agriculture, Governor, Farm Bureau rep., university vet, livestock ID, area expert/teacher, etc.   Coordinator also contacts all speakers to see what they will need and help guide them as to what we want them to speak about. (Whoever works with speakers needs to be sure to make hotel reservations or coordinate this with AEA treasurer as to who needs rooms).  Work with AEA-BOD to find doctors to speak about Emu Oil results they have seen for the Emu Oil Seminar.

Silent/Live Auction & Quilt Raffle

Solicits auction donations, tracks donations and winning bidders, arranges the silent auction area, providing bid papers, etc.  Also takes care of the quilt raffle tickets.  Get permits for raffles and other fund raisers, if needed.


Printing of the booklet of hotel info, convention agenda, speakers’ bios & pictures, convention committee members, CBMs, etc. for convention attendees.


Find area & nationwide venues for advertising convention to both AEA & non-AEA members.  These could include AEA e-mail Lists & newsletter, Emu Today & Tomorrow, advertising (newspaper, TV (local cable) & radio, interviews (newspaper, magazines, TV & radio), press releases, website classifieds, posters, flyers, bulletin boards, etc.  Tourism Bureau may help with posters.

Funding (seeks private donations)

Seek donations from; your (& neighboring) State Farm Bureaus, Farm Bureau affiliated insurance companies, feed companies, processing plants, product companies, etc.  Arrange and manage fund raiser events.

AEP Classes

Work with AEA BOD to decide AEP classes & arrange for local teachers, if necessary.  Possible classes might be;  Hatching  & Farm Management, Home Processing, Pricing for Profits, Egg Carving and/or Decorating, Marketing Strategies, Time Management, Advertising on a Budget, Talking to Reporters, Record Keeping, Writing Newsletters, Creating a Website, Grassroots Marketing, Farm Tours, Classroom Hatching, Bio-Security, Arranging Booths,  etc.  Register students, where needed, and send out further information when asked for.  Work closely with convention treasurer and lists class times, students registered and students who have paid.


Find points of interest nearby convention and tell members about them.