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While there are many emu product suppliers listed on the internet, we hope that you will consider shopping with one of our AEA Certified™ Business Members.

Please note that this is not a complete membership list of the American Emu Association. This is a list of our members who have opted to participant in our Certified Business Member Program.

In order to be approved as an AEA Certified™ Business Member suppliers must take steps to substantiating their businesses. This includes providing proof of liability insurance, and agreeing to follow ethical business practices, among other things. Those selling pure emu oil must also be approved under the rigid requirements of the AEA Certified™ Emu Oil Program. This helps ensures that consumers who are purchasing emu oil are receiving AEA Certified Fully Refined® Emu Oil that is pure and unadulterated.

3 Feathers Emu Ranch and Farm, LLC
Tony Citrhyn & Janean Parker
722 Deep Creek Road

At our ranch, nestled in the deep creek valley of central western Washington, we have been raising emus since 2009. Our mission is to provide premium emu oil products for a healthy, natural remedy for skin conditions and pain relief. We encourage you to try our products for yourself.

Montana Emu Ranch Co.
Don or Penni Collins
305 Boorman Lane

Montana Emu Ranch Co. is a full service company. We produce emu, manufacture most of our products and do all shipping an distribution from our own facility located in N.W. Montana. We sell only AEA Certified Fully Refined® Emu Oil in pure form as well as formulated into our Personal Care and Nutritional Supplement Products.

Sugar Maple Emu Farm
Michael & Joylene Reavis
W 805 Pedee Rd.

Retail & wholesale sales of AEA Certified Emu Oil under the Sugar Maple Emu Naturals label, Royal Perfection and Purple Emu oil products, Emu Meat, Egg Shells, Leather Products, Feather Products and Jewelry. Through our family emu farm we produce, distribute and sell quality Emu and Emu related products with the highest concern for the satisfaction of our customers. All products carry a full 30 day satisfaction guarantee. We provide quality USDA & STATE inspected meat and Certified oil from NATURALLY raised Emu. Frozen Emu Meat is sold "at the farm only". We do NOT ship meat. Farm Tours available by appointment.

LB Processors, LLC
Paul Binford
1864 Mosley Ferry Rd

For the last 21 years, LB Processors, LLC has been the leader in high quality emu oil. Through our state of the art, all natural process, we can deliver all quantities of AEA Certified Emu Oil that is always natural, stable, odorless, and color correct. Our oils can be utilized in many nutraceutical, dietary supplement, and cosmetic applications. We look forward to earning your business today.

Platinum Skin Care
Jennifer Tilney or Dora Whalen
20556 Hall Road
Clinton Twp

Platinum Skin Care offers a wide range of professional skin care products formulated to address most skin problems. Our products can help you obtain and keep vibrant, healthy looking skin at any age. We offer superior quality alpha hydoxy acids, certified peels, facial cleansers, glycolic peels, anti again wrinkle creams, emu oil, retinols, antioxidants, peptides, stem cells and more. We also manufacture, bottle and label skin care products for several other distributors. Platinum Skin Care is woman owned and operated and has been helping people achieve skin care success since 2001.

Pro Emu, Inc.
Customer Service
PO Box 590088

Founded in 1993, We have been involved with the AEA for decades. We have become one of the largest producing farms in the country. All of our emu oil meets or exceeds AEA standards. Retail, wholesale, and distributor sales welcome. Our products are sold nationwide.

Uniquely Emu Products, Inc.
Susan Wright / Nathan Wright
888-383-9513 or 815-434-5726
510 W Madison St

Offering Emu Oil products for every need. Anti-Aging, Pain Management, Skin Care, Bath & Hair Care, and Wound Care. Each formula is made with only the finest ingredients such as certified emu oil, aloe vera, natural plant extracts, and skin nourishing vitamins. Our Pure Emu Oil is AEA Certified Fully Refined® and sourced from US emu farms. We're AEA Certified Bottlers and offer custom bottling options and private labeling. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. We also offer eggshells, egg stands, and emu feathers. Makers of Clearly Emu™, Emu Essence™, Emu Essence Naturals™, and Animal Basics™. Retail; Wholesale; Bulk; Domestic; International.

Songline Enterprises LLC
Dee Dee Mares
350 East Hill Rd

Songline focuses on the development and marketing of Emu Oil products derived from emu grown on select, family farms in New England. All farms follow humane, natural and sustainable practices which produce the highest quality oil; free of hormones, unnecessary antibiotics, chemical pesticides or herbicides; certified by the American Emu Association. The birds have plenty of space, shelter, fresh water, sunshine and attention; standards we set during our 20 years emu farming. We have products for anti-aging, luxurious hair, healthy pets and pain management; offering a 60-day money back guarantee and free shipping over $75.00. Know your source!

Valley View Emus
Betty Lou Cauffman
4446 Golf Dr.

Established in 1994, Valley View Emus is a family owned and operated farm to finish agri business. We sell state inspected emu meat within Wisconsin. We also offer a selection of emu eggshell jewelry, painted eggs, bones, feathers, dusters, leggings and dream catchers. Our health and beauty product line, Jade Jewels, is found in a number of retail stores, doctors and chiropractic clinics. Distributor inquiries are welcome.