School Lesson Plan now available

"The School Lesson Plan - Emus" is a new online resource for teachers.  This informative overview of emus and the products they provide starts with a review of the Ratite family that includes ostrich, emu, cassowary, rhea and kiwi.  This slide show guides the viewer through the many unique qualities of the emu.  After the comparison of the members of the Ratite family, the slides move on to the emu skeleton, hatching emu chicks and the many products produced from this amazing creature.  This totally usable bird provides nutritious lean meat; moisturizing emu oil; quilled emu leather; durable non-static feathers and edible eggs with dark green eggshells that are sought after by crafters for painting, decorating and carving.

CDs of the School Lesson Plan - Emus (cost $15.00 + $5 shipping) can be ordered from
Emu Today & Tomorrow
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Blackwell, Oklahoma  74631
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The CD contains the WORD script and the presentation in both PowerPoint and pdf. format. We have attached a reduced resolution pdf file so you can review the presentation first.  The CD will have greater clarity. You will need Adobe Reader 7 or later to open it.  Download Adobe Reader