AEA Certified Emu Oil Program Updated (Article)

(January 2012) There have been cases where Emu Oil has been adulterated or cut with other ingredients and then an attempt was made to pass the resulting product off as pure Emu Oil.  Mike Eppley, president of the American Emu Association (AEA) recently reported, "We have heard of cases where unscrupulous dealers have cut the emu oil with vegetable oil or some other oil and then tried to sell it to an unsuspecting product company."

This concern was one reason that the American Emu Association sought guidance from the American Oil Chemist Society (AOCS) to establish the Emu Oil Trade Rules.  According to the Emu Oil Trade Rules, there are only three grades of emu oil recognized in the United States: Crude (Grade C), Once Refined (Grade B) and Fully Refined (Grade A).

In recent years, the AEA has taken this a step further by issuing an AEA Certified Fully Refined seal that can be used only on AEA approved, Grade "A", Fully Refined Emu Oil.  To be approved, this Fully Refined Emu Oil must come from registered batches and must have been refined in an AEA Certified emu oil refinery and bottled by an AEA Certified bottler.  In order to register a batch with AEA, an AEA approved refinery must provide proof that an AOCS chemist tested the batch and that it met or exceeded the criteria established by the Emu Oil Trade Rules for Fully Refined Emu Oil at the time of testing.

A sample from each AOCS tested Fully Refined (Grade "A") batch is held in storage and can be pulled for testing if there is any question of product purity.  All approved batch numbers are kept on file at the AEA office.  The AEA Certified Fully Refined seal can be used only on Pure (Grade "A") Fully Refined Emu Oil, not on formulated products, even though they may contain this oil.

In order to use the Registered Trademark seal, "AEA Certified Fully Refined", on labels, websites or in advertising the product company or distributor must receive approval from the AEA.  To be approved, you must start with Certified Emu Oil from a registered batch.  It must be bottled by an AEA approved bottler.

AEA applications for approved uses of the AEA Certified Fully Refined seal must be submitted to the AEA for approval.  These applications and full details about the program are available on the AEA website at or by contacting the AEA by phone or e-mail.

For businesses purchasing oil in bulk from reputable product companies, seeing the seal and batch number along with reviewing the Certificate of Analysis, assures them that they are purchasing a pure, safe product to use in their health and beauty formulations.  These companies can then pass this assurance on to their customers by applying for and receiving approval for the use of the AEA Certified Fully Refined seal.  All refineries, bottlers and product companies must be registered and approved by the AEA in order to use the AEA Certified Fully Refined Logo.

Now in it's 12th year, the AEA Certified Emu Oil program is considered a success, with additional product companies registering for use of the seal each month.  The AEA is the sole source for granting permission to use the AEA Certified Fully Refined seal.

The American Emu Association is a non-profit trade association representing the emu industry.  The emu industry is an alternative agricultural industry, dominated by the small farmer, who is devoted to humane and environmentally positive practices that produce beneficial products for society.

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