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Formed in 1989, the AEA is a national, member driven, non-profit agricultural association dedicated to the emu industry. AEA promotes public awareness of emu products, fosters research and publishes a bi-monthly newsletter and several industry brochures.

So How Do They Like This Weather?

San Angelo, TX - So how do they like this weather? It doesn't matter if the weather in question is blazing hot or freezing cold, it's a question every emu farmer gets asked at some point during the year. As snow blankets most of the nation, emu farmers are doing their best to make sure their livelihood makes it through the winter months with minimal discomfort and weight loss.

A Wholesome Combination

A Wholesome Combination Oatmeal and emu combine to make healthier, but still flavorful dishes.

San Angelo, TX - Making healthy food choices is important, especially for people under the care of a physician. When family members equate healthy diets with eating cardboard, modifying their eating habits can be an uphill struggle. This can be very frustrating for the cook trying to provide nourishing meals. According to Chef James Ehler of Minnesota, some simple substitutions can update an old family favorite, making it a healthier, but still flavorful dish.

Emu Oil Offers Hope to Diabetics

Some Physicians Are Using Emu Oil To Assist In Diabetic Wound Care

A New Medium for Scratch Art

San Angelo, TX - You hold the whirring drill carefully and gently apply the bit. As it scratches away a paper-thin layer of dark green calcium, a lovely shade of teal comes into view. You follow the pattern lines you applied earlier and slowly the image becomes recognizable. You have just taken the first steps toward joining artists around the world who carve eggs as a hobby or professionally.

Easter Egg Surprise

Texas Mom Scratches Color off Eggs

San Angelo, TX -- With Easter just around the corner, households across the country are preparing to color eggs for their annual Easter Egg Hunt. In the Villoch household, mom handles things a little differently; she removes color from eggs in order to create works of art.

By-Product or Co-Product?

Emu Industry Touts Totally Usable Bird

( EMAILWIRE.COM, April 06, 2006 ) San Angelo, TX -- Food by-products often end up in land fills, but not those from the totally usable bird - the emu. "I wouldn't say that emu has meat by-products," remarked Cyril Klein. "It has co-products. Every part of the bird is usable." Klein should know. He not only raises the 5 1/2 foot tall birds; he serves on the American Emu Association Board of Directors and chairs the Emu Oil Research Committee.

Heart Healthy Never Tasted So Good!

It may seem odd to hear of a red meat being touted as a health food; but the emu industry is doing exactly that, and with good cause. "Many consumers have been instructed to give up red meat because of cholesterol, but since emu is low in saturated fats, as well as being packed with the vitamins and minerals needed by those with immune deficiencies, it is an excellent health choice," said Charles Ramey, AEA president. Recognized as Heart Healthy by the American Heart Association, emu ranked best in 15 out of 20 essential nutrients in a USDA funded study at the University of Wisconsin.

Nutrient Rich Soup Chases Winter Chill

Frost on the windshield, leaves crunching underfoot, that nip in the air that sends you inside with flushed cheeks, it all adds up to soup weather. Soup comes in single servings or family size containers. You can get it with pop-top lids, in disposable heat and eat bowls or even foil packets. It comes condensed or ready to heat and serve. Despite the instant comfort offered by the supermarket soup aisle, there is just nothing like homemade soup on a cold winter's day.

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