AEA Certified Emu Oil Program Updated (Article)

(January 2012) There have been cases where Emu Oil has been adulterated or cut with other ingredients and then an attempt was made to pass the resulting product off as pure Emu Oil.  Mike Eppley, president of the American Emu Association (AEA) recently reported, "We have heard of cases where unscrupulous dealers have cut the emu oil with vegetable oil or some other oil and then tried to sell it to an unsuspecting product company."

2011 Midwest EGGS'travaganza Winners Announced

(July 2011)  The winners are in! The 2011 Midwest EGGS'travaganza Emu Egg Art Contest, sponsored by the American Emu Association (AEA), has been held and the top three emu egg "works of art" have been chosen.

Emu Farmers Reminded to Vaccinate for EEE

(September 2011) With all of the hurricanes, storms and heavy rains throughout the country, mosquito season is in full swing, bringing with it the threat of mosquito-borne disease.  Several outbreaks of EEE in emus have been reported in the Upper Midwest and New England.  For the emu farmer, there is the danger of their flock picking up Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE).  EEE is known to occur in many species of birds, horses and even man.  Signs of EEE in emu include sudden onset of weakness, staggering, bloody

Summer Sun Creates a Need for Special Skin Care

Summer creates its share of special skin problems.

The skin all over the body is subjected to sun, wind, salt and chlorinated pool water at this time of year. Emu Oil is the answer to sunburned, dry and irritated skin.

The skin is a natural barrier against Summer sun and wind. The outermost layer of skin (epidermis) is very important to keeping the inner layers of skin protected. Leading skin specialists agree that this is the time of year that the skin craves oils to replenish those being lost through the sun's burning rays.

What Came First, the Emu or the Egg?

 Emu Chicks and EggEmus hatch from eggs.  Emu eggs are laid by emus.  Which came first is a perplexing question that cannot easily be answered.  Whichever it was, we are glad that both emus and emu eggs are part of the U.S. agricultural scene.

     An emu is a large flightless bird that is native to Australia.  They can stand nearly 6 feet tall and weigh over 120 pounds.  Emus produce highly nourishing red meat with no fat marbled through the muscles.  The fat from the emu can be refined into a moisturizing oil with the same lipid (fat) panel as human skin that nourishes the cells.  The emu lays a dark green egg that has an average weight of one and a half pounds.   Most emu hens will lay an egg every 3 days during their laying season.

Who Says, "That Bird Won't Fly?"

 Emu Farming Becoming Viable Industry

    Emu farming?  Yes, that's what we said, emu farming.  According to Iowa emu farmer, Cyril Klein, the emu industry is a growing business, even in today's economic climate.  Klein said that he is …very positive about his own business and the future of the industry.  Farmers such as Klein have found that emu farming has innumerable benefits.  Keep reading to find out why Cyril is sold on the emu industry.

Skin Care That's High on Santa's Gift List

Santa knows that exposure to harsh winter weather causes special skin problems.The face, hands, arms and legs are subjected to cold, harsh, winter winds and dry, heated indoor air at this time of year. Emu Oil is the answer to dry, chapped and irritated skin.

S.T.E.P. - Student Training and Education Program - Emu Project Record Book

The Emu Project Record Book is ideal for 4-H members, FFA members or anyone who has an emu and would like to keep a detailed record of their project.  The record book was originally created as a part of the Texas Emu Association's Student Training & Education Program (S.T.E.P.).  This program is no longer active but, the 37 Page Emu Project Record Book  is now available as a CD and can be ordered for $10.00 from Emu Today and Tomorrow and is also available as a PDF on this site.

School Lesson Plan now available

"The School Lesson Plan - Emus" is a new online resource for teachers.  This informative overview of emus and the products they provide starts with a review of the Ratite family that includes ostrich, emu, cassowary, rhea and kiwi.  This slide show guides the viewer through the many unique qualities of the emu.  After the comparison of the members of the Ratite family, the slides move on to the emu skeleton, hatching emu chicks and the many products produced from this amazing creature.  This totally usable bird provides nutritious lean meat; moisturizing emu oil; quilled

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) Outbreak

During the late summer and early fall of 2009 there have been numerous confirmed reports of emus with Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) in the New England area and along the East coast of the United States.  Winter frosts that eliminate the mosquito populations, should help to bring this threat to an end for this year.

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